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Takes a Leap Forward as a Total IoT Solution Provider


Press Release: Dong-A Ilbo - 01, Feb, 2021

"IoT 토털 솔루션 제공… 글로벌 기업으로 도약

(RAINUS Takes a Leap Forward as a Global IoT Total Solution Provider)"



RAINUS, a company specializing in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), is evolving into a global IoT Total Solution Provider, with its new US office establishment in October last year, following a Switzerland and Japan office. RAINUS was established in 2014, led by Hyunhak Kim, who has extensive experience at Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Kim was the first to develop and commercialize radio frequency (RF) transmission method-based ESLs and has continued to provide various solutions, including Inventory Management Solutions, AI camera, VR, IoT Sensor, IoT Hub, Software, and more, to the global market.



IoT & ICT Total Solution with Original Technology


InforTab, which is a main business of RAINUS, is the most scalable and robust Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) System. It maximizes efficiency in store operations by price automation, which is essential in retail. Capable of displaying prices, barcodes, graphics, promotions, and currency details, InforTab is widely used across various industries including retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing, and more.



RAINUS introduced ‘InforTab Plus’, a digital advertising platform integrated with InforTab system. It enhances the effectiveness of advertising and promotion by supporting multimedia contents that are more dynamic and engaging. InforTab Plus uses the ‘in-Touch’ technology to better interact with customers and enrich their in-store shopping experience. It enables customers to have unique experiences in-store such as 3D VR, AI voice curation, and entertaining promotions like raffles. As InforTab Plus supports O2O (Online to Offline) services, customers can also take advantage of online services in offline stores.



RAINUS Gateway, which controls and manages the InforTab, ensures robustness, scalability, and reliability, using open source technology. It transmits and receives data quickly and stably without errors caused by interference from other communication devices such as Wi-Fi and mobile phones. This means RAINUS has original technology for integrated IoT and ICT solutions.



RAINUS has a plan to expand its product portfolio with store management & inventory management solutions. Typically, in-store teams have to double-check inventory manually with a receiver for inventory management. RAINUS store management solution utilizes RF location tracking technology as well as AI camera technology, to improve store operation, from price automation to inventory management. The inventory management solution recognizes consumers’ in-store activities like picking or putting down products and measures the distance and weight of displayed products in real-time so that store staffs can stock empty shelves as soon as possible.



RAINUS Merged Reality Solution, combined with IoT technology, enables customers to have a variety of information in-store such as reviews, advertisements, recommended products, along with vivid 3D images. Customers can visit virtual reality and augmented reality and experience O2O services including ordering, delivery, and pick-up in MR (Merged Reality), through the use of RAINUS next-generation ESLs.



The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) will be also developed and commercialized for charging, transportation, and inventory management. It aims to be an innovative solution for unmanned stores. Besides, RAINUS plans to unveil solutions combined with technologies across smart retail, smart office, smart farm, smart medical, and more.



“Companies with original technology have substantial competitive advantages in problem-solving in the future. Technology is the basic. We will continue to build up reliability and product stability based on thorough service management and introduce an all-in-one integrated retail solution system,” said Kim.




Source: Dong-A Ilbo

[Dong-A Ilbo - 01 February, 2021]






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