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RAINUS has deployed a in-store digital signage solution to Hanaro, a major retailer in South Korea



Hanaro Dasan Branch has installed InforTab Plus, a digital signage with a touch function.




Hanaro Dasan Branch is a supermarket located 30km away from Seoul. Digital signage InforTab Plus, which uses RAINUS's IoT-based technologies, has been installed in its store. It has been installed in various spaces such as fruits and vegetables, local food, and meat corners to facilitate access to product information. In addition to advertising products, detailed information is provided in a variety of multimedia contents including images and videos to enhance the customers' experience.



With the InforTab Plus, managing multiple advertising and promotion information became substantially quicker and easier. It enables managers to batch-process all displays in the store through a centralized system without the need to register and change contents separately. This not only makes sure customers are aware of certain events and promotions but also helps store managers conveniently run a variety of events and promotions in real-time.



The system can also be used to analyze the contents that customers interact with on the screen to understand their interests and needs. 



RAINUS' digital signage InforTab Plus, which is constantly spreading, is being introduced in various industries such as unmanned stores, retail, and hospitals. This is in line with RAINUS' goal to always develop and supply services in response to the needs of various customers. 



"The reliability and quality gained by Hanaro Mart through RAINUS' ESL and now digital signage shows that such systems are becoming more and more common in the retail market, and proves that customers are ready for change" said Hyunhak Kim, the CEO of RAINUS, and announced that RAINUS has settled in the new market.





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