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Dpiù is a company part of Maxi Di group, a large-scale wholesale company that operates with the discount formula in all Italy. The company has a network of about 250 owned and 90 affiliated point of sales and an area of ​​presence in 12 regions, with stores of different sizes, varying from 250 to 1.000 m2. Dpiù founds its success on ingredient selection, ensuring customers an access to fresh products at a competitive price.



Problems deriving from the creation of prices on printed paper, such as human errors, waste of time and ecological waste, have always been a real challenge for supermarkets and retail stores in general. DPiù faces these same challenges, which greatly reduce productivity and customer engagement. That is why DPiu has been looking for a digital solution, which would allow to digitize and therefore accelerate the pricing process of products on the shelf, considering the huge amount of products on offer every day.



The RAINUS solution, adopted by three DPiù stores (Cecina Guerrazzi in March 2020, Livorno Fate in February 2021 and Rosignano Marittimo in July 2021) made it possible to solve the problems related to paper labeling as well as giving the shop an attractive design, with a futuristic imprint. The Rainus Solution allows the real-time management of the prices on electronic labels as well as giving information to customers about the origin of the products. Employees also derive greater benefits from managing the point of sale.



Thanks to the RAINUS solution, store employees can now save hours of work dedicated to changing paper labels and can focus on other shop activities such as improving customer service, to satisfy their multiple requests. End customers also benefits from such advantages as they, for example, can receive more information on the products they intend to purchase through electronic shelf labels.










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