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Robot Café B;eat Box InforTab Use Case




New Concept of Unmanned B;eat Box Coffee Shop with InforTab ESLs




Robot café B;eat Box is a fully autonomous concept coffee shop with a robot barista. The self-managed retail platform combines various technologies such as AI and IoT, operating 24 hours without any in-store staff intervention. Instead of the traditional cafeteria, B;eat Box is remotely managed by the centralized platform.

The platform is being applied to support stable unmanned store operations such as heatmaps for checking a range of customers, real-time checking of stores via mobile devices, automation of own stock and AI orders, and various applications for processing data from stores.

The space in the B;eat Box store consists of three “WannaBe” zones of coffee, merchandise goods, as well as snacks & RTD(ready to drink) area, that integrate consumer needs in one place.





Premium snacks and various daily necessities such as organic salads and RTD drinks can be purchased quickly and conveniently by utilizing the latest smart shelves system and InforTab ESLs. ESLs are an essential part of operating unmanned stores as they enable to manage prices from a single location like HQ, with no need to visit stores.

Customers interact with the robot barista by placing orders from a self-pay POS or mobile app. The robot arm has a role in processing menus and pickups with the highest performance of preparing beverages in less than one minute.

Innovate café service that combines cutting-edge technology, B;eat Box delivering new coffee shop values and experiences to customers. Beat Corporation plans to create a new retail ecosystem that meets post-COVID needs equipped with InforTab ESLs.




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