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InforTab Fashion Tags


Introducing RAINUS’ Fashion Tags designed to support the fashion industry



The post-pandemic crisis presents a chance to reset and completely reshape the fashion industry's customer experience. 

The major challenge for fashion stores is the synchronization of online and physical stores. Customers expect the same experience regardless of where they shop, online or offline.

Another challenge for fashion stores is reducing paper price labeling costs, without destroying the unique look of shoes, clothing, and fashion commodities. 





InforTab Fashion Tags' superior visual and functional properties make an attractive choice for a wide variety of environments, from exclusive boutiques to outlets and others else.

The light-weight Fashion Tags with RFID function, have the potential to provide dynamic pricing, omnichannel experience, and inventory management.  

Ultra-thin 1.54-inch screens are specially designed for easy attachment to individual products. It allows the fast inventory turnover in the store by making the re-assigning process easy and fast.

RAINUS’ latest Fashion Tag generation with full graphic E-Ink display, enables retailers to get a reliable tool to maximize sales, profits, and customer experience.


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