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What makes InforTab different from other ESL tags?

RAINUS InforTab is the most robust and scalable Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system, recognized by partners and retailers across the world. Leveraging open-source technology with high scalability and the powerful GateWay, InforTab pairs up to 10,000 ESL tags with extremely low power consumption.

How long is the InforTab ESLs battery life?

Battery life depends on the condition and size of the tags, but InforTab generally runs up to 10 years with 2 updates/day for key size tags and 7 years with 2 updates for the smallest and/or mid-large tags without the need for battery replacement. It operates with low-power technology that consumes battery power only when it updates information communicated by the server. small tags, large tags, and Freezer tags have a slightly shorter life expectancy. For more detailed information, please contact sales@rainusbiz.com.

What information and colors does InforTab support?

InforTab supports full graphics in 3, 4, 8 colors, B/W/R, B/W/Y, B/W/R/Y, or B/W/R/Y/G/O/K/M. It is capable of displaying price, barcode, currency details, and more. Information can be customized in arrangements of 7 different layouts.

How do you attach InforTab to a store shelf?

Our company designs and manufactures a wide range of stands, connectors, auxiliaries, hangers, and rails for different types of environments and store displays.

What are the benefits of using Smart Shelves in my store?

The Smart Shelf, which can be fully integrated with the InforTab platform, delivers not only pricing information but also advertisements via diverse multimedia formats. It also supports touch display functionality, enabling interaction with shoppers for enhanced customer engagement.

What kind of content do Smart Shelves support?

The Smart Shelf display enables customers to update high-definition contents through Wi-Fi, such as video clips or images. It is also possible to divide the display to show touchscreen content on one side while playing video ads on the other side.

Do your products connect and work together? If so, how?

All RAINUS devices are IoT devices and work with our gateways for data transmission. Information to be displayed is fed to the InforTab platform from the customer's legacy system, then transmitted to the devices whenever necessary.

What is the purpose of the InforTab Finder?

The innovative device helps customers find a product in specific sections with a huge range of similar products on shelves like stationaries or DIY. Shoppers can find the right product quickly and easily without the confusion of similar products through the guide of flashing lights on the InforTab(ESL).

Why is GateWay important?

GateWay is an important element of the RAINUS InforTab system, responsible for relaying information from the server to InforTab devices. It collects data regarding battery status, error notifications, and network activities.

How many GateWays should be installed in my store?

The recommended number of GateWays varies, depending on the required volume of RAINUS's devices, the actual floor size of the store as well as the store layout and structure. In general, between 2 to 5 wireless communicators are used to cover the entire floor of a hypermarket environment.

What is the warranty on the tags?

RAINUS InforTab is covered by a one-year warranty. We do offer warranties for other products; however, these may differ by product types and service plans to which customers are subscribed. For more detailed information, please contact sales@rainusbiz.com

What are the standard payment and logistics terms?

The payment and logistics terms may vary by country and region depending on individual requirements. For more detailed information, please contact sales@rainusbiz.com.

Who is the target market for your product, and what kinds of problems does RAINUS try to solve?

We support customers from various industries. The common issue that our customers encounter is store inefficiency. Implementing price changes for all products in a store takes at least a couple of days using conventional practices. With InforTab, prices of products can be automatically changed in real-time, optimizing efficiency and excellency in store operations.

How long does ESL installation take?

Since every store is different and the customer may want installation to be completed outside of business hours, installation time is quoted on a case-by-case basis. On average, between 20,000 to 40,000 tags would require 3 days for accessories, rails, tags, and software to be installed.

How can I get technical support?

Technical support is available 24/7 to support our customers. Contact Us or subscribe to additional warranty periods for extended support. For more detailed information, please contact sales@rainusbiz.com.

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